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Nabaztag: The Electronic Bunny

February 16, 2016

Back in 2005, I first posted about the Nabaztag bunny wifi-connection toy and promptly forgot about it. That is, until I stumbled upon this post from Engadget. After a few hours of sleuthing online, its a forgone conclusion that the bunny won’t be re-appearing again (and is nowhere to be found on Amazon and Ebay!).


Interested to read more? This link is an screenshot from 2008, when Nabaztag was popular in the press. One of sources refers to the Nabaztag as a Technobunny, which sounds hilariously similar to Technorati, who, by the way, shut down their blog index back in 2014. Engadget also wrote a Nabaztag-esque followup back in 2014. However, my favourite quote was from The New York TimesHigh-Tech Wherever You Look (December 6, 2006)

If an ever-changing electronic photo frame is not enough of a conversation piece around the house, how about the Nabaztag Wi-Fi Smart Rabbit?

Nabaztag, which happens to be Armenian for “rabbit,” looks like a plastic toy rabbit. Once it is connected to the home wireless network, however, this rabbit leads you right to Internet wonderland. From wherever it is in the house, the bunny can recite weather and news headlines out loud, announce the time and light up in different colors when your e-mail has arrived. The rabbit’s many functions can be set remotely by logging into a Web page and selecting the actions.

Now that I am (partially) consoled by the bunny’s demise, I’ve redirected my energy into curating two Flickr galleries of the lovely Nabaztag photos I’ve found during my digital research. You can follow this link and this link to view both galleries (fondly referred to as I Love Nabaztag ! ヽ(˃ヮ˂)ノ!), or continue scrolling down this (somewhat length but too perfect) blog post of snazzy Nabaztag Bunny’s in the wild, shot by their creators 🙂

Nabaztag Vs Easter Bunnies
not exactly ambient
Exploring... forest
Nabaztag by Violet
Nabaztag, the smart rabbit
Nabaz’mob – opera for 100 smart rabbits
Nabaz’mob – opera for 100 smart rabbits
Nabaz’mob – opera for 100 smart rabbits
More Lights and Ears
Left ear down
Introducing drNubbyPhD
Derek Samuelson III, confused
Scarecrow 2.0
Sun bathing
Snow... hrr... cold
Stewart our office buddy
Battle of the ambient Internet appliances

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