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How to Fix a Reboot Crashing iPhone 6

February 4, 2016

iPhone 6

It was 2 am. I was ready to head to bed.

My iPhone 6 suddenly had a software error, repeatedly rebooting over and over again. Shuddering it’s screen with pixelated globs.

You know how this story goes:

  • Woman sees technical hardware problem
  • Woman immediately goes into problem-solving mode
  • Woman solves the problem in 20 minutes
  • Woman heads to bed for a refreshing 6 hour nap (after a few yoga stretches and gratitude journaling, of course)

Did I mention that I had pancakes, porridge, and bacon for breakfast the next morning? And that I weigh 110 lbs?

Tangents aside, these are the steps I undertook to solve the iPhone crashing/rebooting problem:

  • Create an iPhone iTunes backup before editing with desktop software (in the case, the culprit was Phone Clean)
  • Proceed to do a DFU restore
    • Connect the device to your computer
    • Press the Power and the Home buttons at the same time
    • After 10 seconds release the Power button but continue holding the Home button…
    • …until you see a popup from iTunes saying “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode”
    • (your iPhone screen should look something like this)
    • If you have been successful your device screen will be completely black/blank (this is ‘DFU Mode’)
    • You can now proceed and restore to the latest firmware using iTunes
  • Restore the iPhone from a previous backup

However, my scenario was a little more complicated. I’m currently enrolled in the Apple iOS Beta Software program. Which means my iPhone’s backup is running on iOS 9.3 and the factory settings were still running iOS 9.2. Whoops. I restored my iPhone 6 to the factory settings, re-installed the iOS beta software profile, and waited for a couple of hours before downloading.

Surprisingly, my iPhone was super fast without all of the downloaded photos, interactive games, and iBooks from before. I decided to forgo restoring from the backup, and instead setup my iPhone as fresh from the box, turned off all of the Cellular Data options (ugh), and used a desktop application to extract photos and misc files from the iTunes folder Mobile Sync.


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