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January 31, 2016

Belong magazine
Photographer: bemyintention

These days my productivity is focused on the process to finding inspiration for goal-setting, instead of a specific location, folder, or static internet space. Yesterday I was browsing several lifestyle magazines and was delighted with the above-photo featuring Belong Magazine. I always breathe a silent prayer whenever I happen to discover a lifestyle magazine blog with a working RSS feed.

Back to the topic of tribes, I was smitten with the original instagram photographer’s quote about community, tribes, and belonging. Personally, I am still re-evaluating my sense of self and social identity since my father passed away in early December unexpectedly. Saving this quote here for a future reminder, inspiration, and more importantly, because the Internet of Things is always disappearing. Heffalumps!

The idea of community is something I have struggled with for many years. As someone who has always been a bit more on the outskirts of groups and social cliques I have felt a strange disconnect to this word; community. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the phrase TRIBE that I started building more relation to the idea.

In my experience a community has simply been the group of people you regularly exist with, but TRIBE… Well that has a whole different meaning to me.

A TRIBE is dependent on one another for survival.

They work together as a team to accomplish every major task that comes their way. Each person is just as important as the others, because they have something unique and special to offer. They continually support, empower, and encourage one another because they know that the success of one of their members means success for everyone.

You know, THAT is the kind of community I want to be a part of.

The hardest part: accepting that there are people in the world who would want me to be a part of something like that with them. Experiencing exclusion after exclusion it can be difficult to begin wrapping my brain around the idea that I belong somewhere.

But you know what I’ve been learning? Finding my TRIBE has been a long hard journey, because I’ve been looking in the wrong places. I’ve been seeking acceptance, approval, and empowerment through those who aren’t capable, or simply don’t relate to me.

When I began expecting more of myself, and putting myself around people who share the same visions and dreams, and began seeing myself as an equal to those who are loving, accepting, and world shaking, my TRIBE began forming in front of my eyes.

We all deserve to be surrounded by people like that.

Don’t let the journey, or the loneliness discourage you.

bemyintention (Instagram)

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