Festive Holidays On-the-Go Mixtape

November 27, 2015


Hello, again. Some of my autumn soundtrack is accompanied by misty moonshine, falling-twirl leaves in the afternoons, the rhythm of not-white sneakers on neighborhood sidewalks, running towards the crisp late mornings breeze air, and bird-watching on lake sunsets like painted lilies.

This autumn I have loved watching the azure blue of waves at the empty seashore, the solitary and winding roads that lead into the heart of mountains, forests, and hill-tops. Seeing my invisible breath as a hovering fog, drinking a crimson and plaid thermos-warm coffee black as ink, methodical tai-chi postures, and impromptu disco-salsa dancing in the endless carpet of crunchy leaves.

If you’re looking for a fresh listen, this is a delightful playlist from Anthropologie.

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