No Place Like This MidSummer Mixtape

July 9, 2015

Anthropologie Playlist

I’m always a bit miffed when an online community is sunsetted with no notice, and my favorite music station Grooveshark was no exception to the phenomenon. Jeremy Keith does a terrific job on describing how this behaviour isn’t the exception, it’s routine for internet culture with no change in sight.

Back to the topic of music.

My summer soundtrack at the beach has been divided between listening to the ocean waves (it’s always a reminder that the laws of physics relating to the natural gravity of the moon is still working in shipshape order), and rotating playlists available in Spotify and Rdio. The experience has been a mixed bag of choices: emerging artists funded marketing campaigns, reminisces of childhood days pouring over dad’s record collection (we own two working record players at our house, actually), and soundtracks from youthful dancing craze (a la cultural thai dancing, hip hop, and  ballet recital).

If you’re looking for a fresh listen, this is a delightful playlist from Anthropologie.

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