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Joie de vivre

April 27, 2015

Every day I am living a life that I almost missed, and for that I am grateful.

The third semester of the sort-of cohort program in project management is becoming more substantial in workload, but far easier than a few months ago when the foundation material was still new and fresh to my somewhat-experienced eyes. I am working on weekly group presentations with a reliable group of people who have attended the campus since September 2014: a generation that ranges from hardened veterans with decades of work experience and the occasional high school freshman. Feeling really lucky and grateful for the amazing experience and people who I get to work with on campus.

Still running everywhere for spring flowers and spring cleaning and errands and weekly fitness meetups and reading new books and falling in love again and vintage shopping with friends. It’s a run-on sentence but that’s exactly how I’m feeling lately! Running on and on from one happy moment to the next. It took a while, but I am finally learning to live in the present moment and simply be happy. I still have ongoing personal projects but everything will be revealed in due time. There hasn’t been a lot of time for explorations in new neighborhoods and corner street shops lately, so I hope you enjoy these slices of happenstances of daily life!

Summer Vegetable Garden: Shopping
Summer Vegetable Garden: Shopping


1960s Narnia series

joie de vivre

Floating lilac in bloom

Wisteria indigo

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