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On Thanks and Giving

October 13, 2014


We’re a family that practices Thanksgiving every day of the year. It’s a nice tradition. The official holiday is a reason to cook delicious food and turkey. Nom.

I remember spending summer holidays with my mother’s brother and his family in Seattle. They later moved to the California deserts where my cousins have a larger crop of in-laws on the mother’s side of the family. Our extended family and in-laws are happily living in Thailand, so I’ve never seen them.

Sometimes, this holiday is about family. In my house, it’s also about food. My little brother and I have our annual traditions surrounding the turkey carving and preparations: baking the apple pies, banana bread and cookie desserts from scratch, scooping tomatoes preserves from the summer garden’s harvests, dancing vibrations with the homemade bread in the miniature bread machine, and, my favourite, the fluffily mashed potatoes and homemade cranberry sauce.

I am doubly grateful for all the blessings I have received, and the amazing people and wonderful experiences that have occurred since 2014 began.

North American Thanksgiving is a holiday that I want to share with others, too.

In addition to my daily practices of merit throughout the year, I am donating to the Thanksgiving dinner hosted at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (organized by Tickett), and newly launched the Sandwich Token program organized and hosted at the Hasting’s Save on Meats.

“This year we launched a new program that makes it simple and easy to give to those in need. Available for purchase on line and at the store, the $2.25 Save on Meats Meal Tokens are redeemed for a nutritious hot Breakfast Sandwich at the Sandwich Window 7am–4pm or in the Diner 7am–10pm.

People can choose to distribute them directly, or purchase the tokens and have Save on Meats give them to one of its dozens of community partners to share amongst their organization. The program acts as a bridge between people who want to give and people who need the support.” (src)

Footnote: As a general rule of thumb, I am a practicing Theravada Buddhist, and give donations in the form of money, books and magazines, non-perishable foods, volunteering time, and household items (a phrase we refer to as building merit) throughout the year. 🙂

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