Trim away the unnecessary

February 24, 2013

grand dynasty

To enforce a minimalism lifestyle, focus on only using the dishware that you need on a daily basis. These can range from a large platter that can hold the entire cooked meal, a small bowl, a glass or china mug and so on. Everything else you can pack away into a cardboard box.

By using this method, we’re developing self-awareness of

  1. the size of our daily portions
  2. procrastination towards doing the dishes

If you have fewer dishes to eat with, you will have more food for leftovers the next day (and help your budget) or you’ll focus on cooking smaller-portion meals. If you have fewer dishes to clean, you’re more likely to do the dishes after a meal.

When we’re overwhelmed by having too many things to do, we tend to avoid the action that resolves the problem.


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