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A Home is a Network

November 5, 2012

The Ellie on Planet X series is one of those illustrations that make you wake-up after a sleepy third cup of coffee, and begin wishing that one of your childhood dreams of an astronaut came true so you could also begin exploring strange, unearthly, yet familiar cosmic bodies in the universe.

Created by the talented James Anderson, Ellie on Planet X chronicles the adventures of an adorable and witty little Strang Institute’s Land Explorer on Planet X. Many of the fauna and creatures featured throughout the series reminds me of older drawings of prehistoric dinosaurs (the artist includes skeletons of the main characters occasionally) and incredible plants that thrive in a ecosystem where everyone is self-reliant (on somebody else).

The comic that was featured for this week was a vivid reminder of older children’s adventure and science-nature books that describes home-burrows of hibernating chipmunks and layouts of the elaborate wooded river dams of beavers. It’s a little similar to the homes of humans, where we have a firm belief that “there is a place for everything, and to put everything back into it’s place.”


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