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I See What You Did There

January 6, 2012


(actual email from interaction design prof)

“The first lecture for Narrative and New Media this morning was very interesting.

By interesting, I mean that 40% of you didn’t bother to show up.

Now, I understand that the class was early and you forgot that it was the first day of school and your blankets were warm and it was cold and cloudy outside and your alarm didn’t go off and the Sky Train broke and you were entranced by the image of yourself reflected in the mirror on the ceiling above your bed.

As far as getting-higher-grades-by-sucking-up-to the-prof strategies go, you didn’t pick a winner.”

Unless you are able to retroactively attend lecture (in which case you did and thank you for your thoughtfulness), you’re going to have to learn the material on your own. To facilitate this, lecture slides and the syllabus have been uploaded to WebCT for your reading pleasure. To regain some of your up-sucking points, I would suggest trying out some of the exercises we did in class, and perhaps even looking up the occasional word which may confuse you. At the very least, make sure you follow the instructions on the final slide since that will help you get ready for next week.

But even if you do, you will still be left wondering: “What did the cows really do?” “What’s with the shirtless guy on slide 21?” “Why does Ben have a porn story??” and “Did he really do a demonstration??!!” Sadly, you will never know, since nobody who was there will tell you the truth.

Looking forward to next week,


PS: If the comedic value of passive-agressive sarcasm escapes you, I look forward to discussing it with you in more detail when we talk about narrative voice over the next few weeks.

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