Merry Festivus!

December 26, 2011

I may have gone overboard on festive *impulse* Christmastime shopping this year. For those who aren’t in ‘the know,’ last year at Christmastime I was dumped by the now-ex partner, and so the remainder of 2011 has been a sort of granting secret and archived inventory of “wish-fulfillment”. After all, a girl is always in the process of taking care of herself!!

Also I learned a lot about developing a sense of style, based on my personal interests, materials of the clothing, classic vs trendy items, and dressing appropriate for every’s something to learn over and over again, dressing my best and expressing a happy personality without going overboard for social approval or being defined by what my friends are/aren’t wearing (and keeping quiet when someone doesn’t recognize the difference, yet! πŸ˜‰ Some of these were purchased and some are still on the wishlist. Can you guess which is which??

xmas 2011

Row 1

  1. Knitted Snowflakes Leggings Deer Tights $4.98 and free shipping Lately I’ve been trying to stop wearing the same skinny jeans every day (at work, I would wear business slacks or tailored business pants) so for the wintertime, I’m investing in these cute leggings. I also bought a thermal pair that can be worn underneath, too! Winter in Vancouver, BC usually consists of windy afternoons with intense sunshine, or raining and fog. Hopefully, these can keep me warm and looking cute, too!
  2. Skinny Black Jeans, $10.50 on Forever 21 There are just some things you should buy in bulk, the necessities for an adult woman’s wardrobe.
  3. Motorcycle Knee-high boots, $7 on Ebay These were really affordable and the last ones in stock! I couldn’t resist the temptation of $7 for boots.
  4. Lace-Up Over-The-Knee Boots, $88 on Yesstyle The tall boots have a ribbon lacing, which are pretty yet a bit too feminine for my tastes (and lack of versatile with my current wardrobe)

Row 2

  1. Low Top Canvas Sneakers, $7.50 at Forever 21 Hmmmm,, I’m not sure why I bought this really, other than most of my slips and sneakers are decorated in patterns or dull colors like black and brown.. I need a little red spicy in my life!
  2. Retro Style Chain Detailed Black Bag, $56 This feels so perfect for those afternoon-evening transitions at parties!
  3. Punk Black Knightly Boots, $126 One of my predictions for the upcoming Spring is that the steampunk style will experience a reemergence (again) a la The Girl Who Play with Fir e and reboot of the Tron, Blade Runner series
  4. Double Zips Black Single Shoulder Bag, $55 My shoulder is getting tired of carrying heavy totes for work and school, hopefully this is the PERFECT solution!

Row 3

  1. Faux-Leather Tote with Cross Strap, $58 at Yesstyle I am TIRED of carrying a backpack everywhere on rainy days, and especially to university classes! I need something that can port my textbooks, notebooks, healthy lunch AND laptop this year..
  2. Giraffe Animal Jelly iPhone 4 Case, $23.45 at HappyMori Okay okay, I’ve already posted photos of these on the blog, but they’re so whimsical and the design *always* makes me feel like smiling inside (which I haven’t been doing a lot of, lately) The quote is a good reminder, too.
  3. German Goggles, $29 at Restoration Hardware Around this time last year, I was watching the Scott Pilgrim films and mesmerized by Ramona’s healthy passive-aggressive attitude towards boys and life, with her trust bottom-less purse and goggles sitting on her head. By the time my friend stopped by at the store on Boxing Day, these were already sold out! So this year, I planned ahead and purchased them at the beginning of December and again, they’re now out of stock, again.
  4. Studded Strap Ankle Boots, $100 at Yesstyle Omg, they’re so tall and scary and I am MADLY IN LOVE!

xmas 2011

Row 1

    1. *Happymori* Sewing Diary Type Stripe ID Card Holder Flip iPhone4/4s, $41.66 on Happy Mori This case doubles as a card holder AND safe storage for my iphone, it’s kinda crazy that I’m carrying two wallets lately in addition to the phone.
    2. Diary/Planner/Journal Pony Brown Diary ver.2, $20 on Pony Brown Really, really excited that I can finally retire my old agenda for a fresh one with blank pages!
    3. iswas One-Year Study Planner, $20 on Yesstyle These were more aesthetically friendly design, I’m still waiting to see what the paper quality feels like in real life πŸ™‚
    4. Retro Transistors Radios iPhone 4 case, $17.99 on Modcloth I’m really in love with iPhone cases that resemble other items and creatures, and this case was no exception.

Row 2

  1. Changing the folding rate bag $22 on Ebay
  2. Convertible Folding Tote Bag (Wine Red), $42 on Yesstyle


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