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October 13, 2011

French Postcards

And this year, as has been recorded again, again and again, has been a tumultuous planetary spin around that glowing sun.

However, the events that have happened since September, such as the death of Steve Jobs resonating as a technological singularity, temporary collapse of RIM’s data network of communication around the globe, and staggering numbers of people gathering together for riots in London or protests in New York City, have only served to remind me that these occurrences are our lifetime’s history timestamps. If an individual can pore over historical records, recounting an era of human civilization within a few sentences, it is so that my witness to these events are also as significant to there-mine generation.

Over the past few days, I’ve been preoccupied with creating less of a reliance on the cloud computing storage facilities offered, and instead, building little micro-blogs and exports, backups of the histories that are shared online between myself and the others, you who are reading on the flip side of the virtual fourth wall. Sharing a journey and creating a personality based on these ascii text and binary language translated to signifier of the English, or translated, languages.

Derek Miller, a friend and acquaintance that I’ve known and shared conversations with, died earlier this year after a battle with cancer. I did not attend his funeral, due to the fact that I was comforting another friend suffering from an miscarriage.

Since entering the developer and design, prevalent social technology environment that was so engaging between the people of the little city of Vancouver before a phrase ‘social-media’ had occurred, I learned to appreciate him and these other pioneers for their value as the younger generation were maturing at the same rate of the growth of technology, never knowing a world without computers and networks.

His Last Post, a testament that his personality and heirlooms of that generation of tech pioneers still live on, in the furthest reaches of the web, have re-inspired me to continue, and re-craft this writing style and record of my self. As I have always wrote to clear my thoughts, so does that I hope over time, these writings will help me bring clarity to my self and the virtual self that evolves alongside beside me.


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