Advent Calendars

December 7, 2010

In December, humanity develops a strange fascination with numbers and countdowns, resulting in our annual extravaganza holiday, New Year’s Eve. Before the world wide web, celebrating these international events and changing of season was sometimes the only method of sharing with the other inhabitants of the planet.

My art history & design background have resulted in a intensely love-stricken affair with calendars, so these design-pretty events below are a some of a few ways to share this holiday season with me and other design-lovers on the interwebs.

24 Ways

24 ways is the advent calendar for web geeks.

Featuring an article each day throughout December, this little production from the people of Five Simple Steps features 24 articles from high profile web professionals such as Dan Mall, Simon Collison, Richard Rutter, Cennydd Bowles, Sarah Parmenter and Veerle Pieters on topics such as web design and development. They also offer an option to purchase a printed version of the annual throughout the month of December for under $10 with all sales proceeds to UNICEF and their global charitable projects with children.

Adfont Calendar

Adfont is the advent calendar for font lovers.

Featuring a typeface for every day in December, this typography love affair features a downloadable font available for free from Fontdeck, a company that sells licenses for and hosts different font faces on your domain. Each professional typeface is optimised for the web, standards compliant, accessible and uses a few lines of CSS to link to a font in order to display text in the typeface you require. No JavaScript required.

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    Yay Adfont I didn’t know about that!

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