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Hot One Inch Action #7

October 25, 2010

hot one inch action #7

Over the weekend a twitter friend and I decided to catchup on conversational woes at Trees Organic coffeeshop in downtown Vancouver. It was nice to spend a quiet chat together before heading over to hot one inch action at Gallery Gachet.

The atmosphere of the little shop is exactly as I have always remembered from my first visit sometime last year with the ex-lover: there are still crackling leaves scattered across the interior, cozy couches and chairs made of twisted metal with an inviting fragrance of cheesecake always wafting nearby.

It was interesting to listen to her stories of career-focuses dilemmas, lovers and lack thereof, and learning about her hidden connoisseur talent of teas, richly spiced and steeped. She shared a packet of chocolate hazelnut decaf for my budding curiosity of these leafy delicacies, I’ll be reporting again soon of the tea’s flavorful first impressions.

After our sips of espresso and cappucino, we braved the rainy weather once mother and travelled through splashing puddles to the gallery.

Also, one of my friends met via flickr, who is also an old design school classmate of another highschool friend AND has now, strange to say, upgraded to ‘elderly brother’ status, joined us at the event. Such fun! I love the coral pink bracelet he bought back from his tropical Hawaiian vacation despite no seasoned traveling postcards as per promised! 🙁

gallery gachet
photography by concrete_jungler101

For the previous three years or so I have attended each event since hopping into the social media and art scene of this little metropolitan city. Always meeting new-old friends or bumping into old acquaintances.. with a new comrade or two attached to my little entourage in tow with me. Last year, I attended with a birthday friend who is now hidden under massive schoolwork of teaching duties and the year before, another boy who loved lomography as much as I still do.

This year’s event was as bustling and crowded as always, with many folks admiring each new artist’s designed pins on the walls and several people bring their own personal collection to trade and swap for those elusive designs that everyone covets! 🙂

I’m rather sad that I didn’t manage to ensnare a kite flying design this year, though the digital hug and kittycat mafia, not to mention the elusive RUSHDIE fish are more than enough to keep me happy!

Previous Collections! 2009, 2008.

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