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Sangria & Dinner Party

August 21, 2010

alia birthday

Yester evening was a twitter friend’s birthday dinnerparty, as per requested quite a few of the guests were in swanky cocktail dresses or business suits and served a delicious dinner mix, curry and bean pastes, spicy fried chicken, melting salmon and so much more food with vino’s fragrant sangria.

alia birthday

After many, many conversations and discussions about travellers in Europe, the recent Olympics chaos, future plans for post-scholar education, and catching up with old friends, we celebrated with cake, candles and a rousing game of Taboo 🙂

alia birthday
Cheesecake, Tree’s Organic

The cheesecake was quite delicious, rich and creamy with frothy whipping decor. I have always loved visiting Tree’s Organic since dropping by with an ex-lover over the past year and a half, the atmosphere at the downtown location is relaxing with a dim, but not suffocating lighting. Their coffee and teas are also delightfully sweet/rich.

alia birthday
Spongebob Square Pants, icecream cake

I’m beginning to have mixed feelings about icecream cake as a party piece de resistance. Earlier this year, another friend also received a surprise icecream birthdaycake, which was difficult to dive the knife into and required muscle power to chop chop into eatable slices. If I’m hosting another birthday, it would definitely be on my not-to-do list.


It was a wonderful dinner party! Many of the guests were old classmates or co-workers of Alia’s internship with Now Public. Truthfully, I was one of a few who met her via the intertubes, a la Twitter (we have only met twice, thrice?). Jason’s in the background, again, stealing the focus and entire show as per usual 😉


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