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Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver: Volume 11

May 27, 2010

Pecha Kucha Night, a viral event originated “as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public.” Originated in Tokyo, the phrase has a different pronunciation and literally translates to β€œthe sound of conversation.”

Pecha Kucha Vancouver Volume 11

Despite being marketed as a part and package of VIDWEEK (Vancouver Interactive Digital Week), I was a little disappointed by the content of the ‘special edition feature’ of Living in the Real Virtual World. Tweets can be found here.

Many of the presentations being featured discussed interactivity between linguistic nodes (verbal references applied to both offline and online contexts), habitation of gaming interactions such as social behaviour and currency, ie. laws of commerce being carried over to the virtual space where no such monetary value had previously existed.


Other topics included recreational concepts being applied to different medias, reversal of roles between users and creators (a la deux machina) and a very, very entertaining speech about coding ethics by Brian Leroux that pinpointed the monopolies of design currency.

Despite these lacking speeches, I managed to create a storm of tweets that have been sliced to google doc format, posted rough page sketches of coding-colouring notes in the handy red songbird notebook that Jeff helped me purchase last summer (scroll down the page or visit my flickr design notes folder to read more), and in the last few minutes of the event, won a free copy of Dragon Origins for the PC πŸ™‚



List of Speakers

Pecha Kucha Vancouver Volume 11

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