PDX Traveller Day Three

May 12, 2010

rainshower (by rocketcandy)

I woke up to a silent apartment, fisheye boy and his roommate had both left for their respective careers while I dozed until mid-morning. After a snack-breakfast of cereals and dried fruits that I brought on the train as a luncheon, preparations were made for an unexpected visit to Wieden Kennedy tour with Amber’s former co-worker, Bram Pitoyo!

elephant hunt (by rocketcandy)

wieden+kennedy (by rocketcandy)

w+k | the bird's nest (by lawgeek)
photography by lawgeek

The Nest (by ambersellers)
photography by ambersellers

asparagi pizza! (by rocketcandy)

The remainder of the trip is still recalled as a half-vivid blur of stopmotion events, sequences of sitting on a comfortable couch in Amber’s office and reading graphic novels, exploring the shops of toys and gadgets below at street level, wide-eyed curious at the appearance of Powell’s bookstore..

Sadly there are only a few photographs remaining from my grain-edit cameras: exploring the artist community’s streetshops with fisheyeboy, heyday pub hopping walks in the evenings under streetlamps and silent fashion districts, and sleepy conversations on philosophy and love and wisdom in our too-short youthful lifestyles.

me & ash (by rocketcandy)

THE KNOW (by rocketcandy)

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