PDX Traveller Day One

May 4, 2010

Traveling via Amtrak is not recommended during day trips.

dawn riser (by rocketcandy)

Other freight cars hog the navigational route, faulty or missing equipment is a regular rule of thumb and more often as not there’s bound to be unsuspecting rail construction workers doing ‘maintenance’ while passengers are stranded outside of stations.

Estimated overall travel time: 8 hours.
Actual overall travel time: 10 hours.*grr*

Fortunately, it was still an epic adventure!

toy pier (by rocketcandy)

The landscape between the departure and destination was very surreal, observations of a world I wasn’t sure truly existed. Temperate weather abbreviated between rainy showers and bursts of sunlight over White Rock, Seattle, Bellingham and Vancouver (Washington).

clickety clack (by rocketcandy)

Since the railroad is literally the ‘bleeding’ lines of the United States, one could observe old architecture and many brick buildings along the station’s route, mildly interrupting swooping power lines and grazing bovines or galloping horses. And sheep! 😀

mighty point (by rocketcandy)

The traincar routes in Portland are very similar, the various maps and rails are sprawled throughout the city like a cozy spiderweb, tracking the inhabitants scheduled (or unscheduled) movements keeping in tune to the rhythm without skyscrapers overhead.

emerald city (by rocketcandy)

The transit system was also very impressive, with different street cars or mini trains or buses constantly on the get-go between various stops and signs in the urban core to the suburbia outskirts.

Many of these streetcars had sections to hang your bike against the wall, specific handicap seats, informative advertisements about not harassing fellow passengers x_x or indoor ticket & self-serving vending machines.

rainy afternoon (by rocketcandy)

Once we had dropped off the luggage at ‘Goose Hollow,’ we hopped about on a brief photowalk in the rain-sunshine peppering our conversations about venues to visit again and old friends back home in Vancouver.

A building I’d like to visit again was an old, abandoned wall-front that had once covered partially of a city-block with a gigantic wild garden inside. *blush* It was certainly very surreal to peep in at the large shuttered windows and see floral life growing from both sides.

bronze ladies (by rocketcandy)

Afterwards, we shared a quesadilla dinner-luncheon at the Laughing Planet restaurant, where the trash bins were replaced with subsections for compost and recyclable materials, with a separate bin for dishes! *heart*

It was very rainy and neon-city light bright during the evening so, we stopped by a local pub-club with polaroids hanging on the walls and dj’s playing magic on old records in smoky dim-lit rooms. 8) Epic!

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