Happy Amber Case Day

May 7, 2010

ambertone (by rocketcandy)

Have you heard of Amber Case? She’s generally known as a Cyborg Anthropologist and Tech Consultant, spoken at various industry conferences including MIT’s Futures of Entertainment and Inverge: The Interactive Convergence Conference.

She’s also presented an Introduction to Cyborg Anthropology at Portland’s Webvisions 2009. Previously wrote for Discovery Channel’s and worked at Wieden+Kennedy, a global advertising agency based in Portland, Oregon.

Happy Amber Case Day! (by rocketcandy)

Long story short, she’s that crazy hard-working technology &media savvy girl who can pull off the short bobcut, consumes chocolate lollipops while reading comics inside the bookstore, and somehow still manages to walk like a praying mantis on crutches.

caseorganic la bohemme (by rocketcandy)

Also known as @caseorganic on twitter, Amber is figuratively and physically a cyborg. The online tools and equipment that we use online to share information and create/process data are literally an extension of herself.

Much like the current crutches that extends her ’sensitivity feelers,’ our blogs and data and visual analytic graphs are her methods of shaping the virtual world into an entirely new and (sometimes) unrecognizable format.

caseorganic c'est la vie (by rocketcandy)

Based on Amber’s recollections of her childhood and socio-cultural data consumption, there are many similar undercurrents of these visuals or language-speak and hierarchy of thought-process that *click.*

Amber & Jughead (by rocketcandy)

As a result of these shared stories (and vice versa, which I shall not be sharing here), I’d like to think that I’m slowly developing a better understanding of the ‘method to her madness’ and what really truly makes this girl ‘tick tock to our human ‘designed time machine clocks.

Amber Case (by Andrew-Hyde)
photography by Andrew Hyde

First introduced to her co-existence as a result of the Cyborg Camp planning committee and later during her Vancouver tour during the Olympics, we’ve kept in touch of sorts via online communication.

caseorganic (th)inc (by rocketcandy)

During a visit to Portland, Oregon a week ago we (fisheyeboy and I) stopped by her cozy office downtown inbetween the sunshine showers weather. Somehow we all managed to find time to idle time reading at the comicbook store, explored the local vinyl toy shop, dropped by a local pub for happyhour with mac n’ cheese and share bottles of root beer at a very well known extensively large, wifi-friendly and yummy munchie foodplace.

caseorganic (th)inc (by rocketcandy)

Hehe. Happy surprise, Amber! I only managed to figure out this *important day* by eavesdropping on your doctor appointment telephone conversation 😉

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    I never commented on this post, but I wanted to say it was really, really nice and a great surprise! Thanks so very much!

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