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Yahoo! Flickr Vancouver Olympic Meetup

February 23, 2010

Yahoo! Flickr x Winter Olympics Meetup

Delicious food and refreshments provided at this unexpected Olympiad venue: slider burgers, lantern globe glasses of red and white wine, mixed with other appreciative alcoholic-beverages. Enjoyable mini bread buns placed accordingly next to a giant pot of butter (or was it cholesterol-safe margarine… ?), crispy ocotopi curled next to poked shrimps and fettuccine macaroni salads. Yum!

What else? Amber and I wandered about with free wine in hand, meeting old-new photographer friends with large cameras handy, such as @halfgeek @czarf @r0bL @jmv @uncleweed @kk and others, decal-scattered snowboards and olympic scenario snapshots, observations of a certain fellow and his attempts at interactive Wii snow aerobics, or surrounding glowing apple monitors concerning Dresden Codak comic strips and Foxtrot’s Javatar appearances.

amber and jason'
Yahoo! Flickr Olympic 2010 Meetup
Happy Amber Case Day!

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