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Titus Andronicus and the Skewered Limbs

February 5, 2010


Tonight’s fourth year’ english discussions were borderline sleepy, a grim foreshadowing of empty silences and knock-off’s for the rest of the semester. Attempted thoughts with open topics in answer to presentation & points in reference to Titus Andronicus’s a la femme despair Lavinia, and Shakespeare’s transferences of anachronistic mythology askewed with Ovid’s Metamorphoses mythos of upheaval and mutations were met with heavy blank leaded bullets.

Could Lavinia’s loss of limbs indicate a reversal of functions? ie. the tasks and actions that once defined her gender within the ancient world of non-existent democracy-iotic Rome, are no longer accessible, thus she has been de-sexualized from her femininity?

Would it be possible that her attempts at humanity, utilizing her body’s other properties to replace limbs she has lost be regarded as a pre-cyborg function? Are these tools assimilated into her body or merely extensions of her self?

Does Tamora’s previous ravenous hunger in sexualized format with Aaron and the gestation of their child, hungry for power with Saturnius, and *spoiler!* unwittingly consumption of her meat-baked pie sons leave no doubt of her death, where she is left unburied for carrion-fowl and felled beats. Does she only exist as a relationship in consumption (or to be consumed)?

Alas! I am racked with self-doubt when no one offers a reply or commentary on an objective thought related to the topic. Have been I led astray and regard these compatriots doleful stares as disapproval? Am I limited by my design-hungry creativity?

(Reference, this a fourth year english course discussing Early Modern History in England, Revenge & Tragedy -esque)

or.. Perhaps I am Too Old for these young kids.

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