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Interesting Vancouver (2009)

October 27, 2009


Creativity and innovation happens in the margins, between the barriers of our spheres.

The overlap of these disciplines or in the face of the rules we impose on ourselves and society are the driving force of these shared evenings. Our different backgrounds encourages a different spark of a thought, or changes your worldview ever so slightly.

If you attend an evening with Interesting Vancouver, the only link between audience and presenter is their personal curiosity of the world and our curious attention. Follow the link to view my design notes.Β You can also watch videos of the speakers at Vimeo.

After a morning tutorial esque of graphic novels and payment of psychology surveys results in a quick and mad dash to Stanley Park’s Rowing Club via SFU transit travels, dark and windy rain storm evenings, spicy salsa crackers and perogies and cheese.


  • Eagranie Yuh and the science of sweet things; chocolate molecular scientific notions and cocoa powder, differentiating between coca butter in the cosmetic industry and floppy unmelted chocolate bars.
  • Matthew Wilson aka Aesthetic Poet discussions of violin-based teakwood productions and the new york’s spring housing of a wooster collective project.
  • Matt Freeman and the importance of irreverence, nonsense disintegrating patterns of meaning and coherence. Founder of the Toronto-ling Santa Speedo Run.
  • Lauren Isaacson and a chocolate chunk cookie lovely view of the world, ie. discovering the delicious chunky chocolate sections of Los Angeles lifestyle. Mashup of korean and mexican food in delivery and pre-packaging, car-relation lifestyle and the straying social scene away from the beach, head east.
  • Jer Thorp’s visual aesthetic of data and analysis, flowering spirals and curves, invention re-application of fire alarms and news reports in conjunctions with alien attacks.
  • Andre Charland hack days of design, innovation and integration, co-producing nitobi productions.
  • Monica Hamburg dual role-play of an actor and actress viable nonsenses, odd jobs and mannequins. Anecdotes and humor with a dash of antipathies well blended with experience.
  • Isaac Marshall’s advice on obsessions and behavior connected to the technology ream and the search for stars, telescopes and discovery of programming or matter of creation at the time of the Big Bang.
  • Nick Black and a morphological psychology, an every day tension between levels of trust; stability and history, innovation, relationships, practical value and the personal value, vision and competence.
  • Viva la Canadian Music by Steve Pratt!
  • Van Copy Writer and Homelessness Advocate Geoffrey Vreeken duplication on cardboard and messaging symbols.
  • Kevin Broome and a biography of a single bite, mindful eating within buddhism and gardening constructs.
  • Monique Trottier and the perfumer fancy: an alchemy heritage and spices of the orient with sampling of frankincense.

Thank you to @jmv for the free ticket!

Interesting Vancouver #2

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    Thanks for the recap, Liz! Superdoodle!

  • Reply Monica Hamburg November 27, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    Thanks, Liz! Antipathy, huh? So my evilness comes through πŸ™‚

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