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August 12, 2009

beautifulthing: An introduction to design
by Robert Clay

According to research by Geraint Wiggins, “music is a uniquely human trait. Our brains automatically search for patterns in sounds, with different people (automatically differentiating) between different patterns and rhythms from the same constant beat.”

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Throughout history, studies have shown that music directly affects our emotions and is also strongly related to movement, such as the gesture of tapping toes or finger snaps. In a visual sense, this is analogous to moving through a building or reading a painting.

Our tendency to recognize patterns, repetitions, and the relationships between (objects) triggered the birth of mathematics — ie. Pythagoras’s discovery of the mathematical relationship between the subdivisions of the length of a piece of string, and the harmonious tones they made when plucked.

The term frozen music (usually attributed to the German philosopher Goethe), or frozen gesture (Gauldie) is often applied to a building’s form and detail. A greek temple provides the simplest explanation… the columns express the main rhythm, the ‘beat of a drum’ or repetition as the observer walks throughout the building, the details of the columns fluting — smaller elements in harmony with the main rhythm.

This analogy with music is more difficult to discern in smaller product designs, nevertheless, a product can be said to demonstrate rhythm, expressed through its main elements and ‘harmonics’ in the detailing.” (Chapter: Composition, pp. 108-9)

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