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Connexions Volume One

August 16, 2009

One of my photographs from the ECIAD Graduation Night Exhibition was recently featured as the cover for a local student design magazine, Connexions. Featuring spoon and tabletop sensory curved shaping from the Nice Fit industrial design project by Jeff Werner & Tobias Ottahal.

Connexion Magazine will bring together the design students from the various design schools in the lower mainland. This is the stepping stone to creating a student design community in which everyone can benefit from. Here students will gain insights into what students and professionals are doing, learn valuable tips and tricks connect with other students, build networks, and so much more.

Students will contribute every step of the way in the creation of each quarterly issue of the magazine. The end result of this project is a printed copy of the magazine, comprised of at least 30 pages.”

Nice Fit

connexions publication
photography by melody

You can download the file here. Thanks Melody!

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