Seattle Bound

May 27, 2009

hi my name is

A friend and I travelled together recently across the dividing border between Canada and the USA to the sunny harbour city of Seattle, in search of adventure in not so distant lands, awaiting photographic moments and delicious clam chowder.

Seattle is a different city from the hippie culture Vancouver home. Not only notorious for the resting place of suicidal Kurt Cobain and the previous headjammer days of indie rock concerts (now safely relocated to Montreal!), the shopping metro we explored and the harbourside of Elliot Bay was almost incomparable to the scenic pastoral landscapes from the highway bloodlines.

At first we met earlier in the morning, at the same time 9-5 employees have left the skytrains empty and prepare for office or customer services occupations. Still, it was a good few hours (say, 5?) before and after we escaped the border Customs guardians. The rolling green hills and vast blue sky peppered with clouds are still vivid in my mind as we travelled that day. We saw that there were cows and horses, and the occasional unidentifiable roadkill that are fodder for vultures & taxidermists (maybe).

Later (jumping ahead beyond the journey by automobiles and speeches of words blown away by the winds), we arrived safely in the city, exploring here and there the shopping retails we cannot find elsewhere. Anthropologie that resembles elegance and bohemia, and the size of half of IKEA per se, that draws as much attention to the interior designs of whimsical antique furniture.


Hanging beads in the window and elaborate, vintage detail to everything; including the winding staircase and still, with all of its hanging fashions for sale, still room to dance a waltz or polka in freedom for heels. There were many more to be named, Macy, Urban Outfitters, book shops, Starbucks Pike Place Market (the tiny origins of a logo branding giant across the world sphere).


We spent the sunset hours walking alongside the harbour, escaping an aqaurium, noticing street art, dreaming over gold-reflecting water like the dance of stars below the ocean tides. There were many more film photographs shall develop someday soon. We also ate delicious clam chowder twice! Hot tasting milk with dots of cream with a hint of the sea. I purchased a postcard for twenty cents, unfortunately since it was a sunday, I had no opportunity to find postal stamps to send πŸ™


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  • Reply Nanako June 25, 2009 at 11:40 am

    I live about 10 mins from seattle πŸ™‚
    I rampage there alot through the city stores. The way you described it brings back some of its charm ~

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