Global Notebook

To Australia With Love

February 24, 2009

Hello Rowan,

I am flying to australia to make a permanent visit with you. My size is deceptive to what I hold inside: I am quite stuffed with several years of experience and wisdom that makes me feel quite old (although I am still young too). There is a paper predilection among the bibliophiles: it is poetry!! it is creative!! it is articles!! it is newspapers!! We love our pretty papers and empty yet-unfilled crispy notebooks.

I am cushioned by my bubble wrapping which will keep me safe until I am in the safety of your parents home. I wonder where we shall travel together? Will it be soon? Will it be on a prosy winter afternoon? Will you take me to your new homes and alongside expeditions into geology forays (it would be very gneiss), or will you leave me beside your coffee tables and teapots with my innards scattered with your house plants?

My little dream is to be an inspiration to you (and nudge you towards your greatest next novella).



I hope you will enjoy the surprises I hold inside, the sights and sounds of unexplored isles created by you and typography. It is while you are away from here (the magic). You will be able to see vancouver too!! As she saw through her camera lovers (and not the every day tourists).

The post office miss says it will take two weeks to travel!! I hope to see you soon.

elizabeth’s package

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