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SFU Sustainability Festival

October 1, 2008

A few weeks ago I submitted two photographs to a contest hosted by SFU’s Sustainability Festival. The theme was “What does sustainability mean to you?”


Lilly Yeh (on the right) won first place.. ironically we’re also “friends” on flickr πŸ™‚


Image V.I.

The fleeting moment of a koi at sunset is yet another second passing in time of an underwater habitant coexisting in our world. These fish live a peaceful existence in the local zen-influenced gardens in historical chinatown, dancing beneath the watery depths for visitors or merely traveling through the miniature world in an everyday fashion. Yet their world is ? Smaller than ours, on an miniature scale.

The concept of sustainability is about protecting and sharing our seen or yet unseen world with these other creatures, building an understanding and greater love for them through observation and preservation.


Concrete is an integral part of city urban planning; there is hardly a city in the world without its sturdy foundations and great blocks supporting public buildings or cozy homes. Initially created by the Greeks (or Hellenes, as they refer to themselves) for the preservation of their great architectural achievements and monuments to the gods. For this reason, we take near-infinite permanence for granted, forgetting that nevertheless, nature’s immortality will stem growth from the cracks and destroy from within.

Sustainability is about working in unison with nature, whether or not the lifetime of the work is outlived by the many vines and plants growth entwined. It is because of this that we must create and build in mind of the life and end of the object, instead of its birth.

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