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Yuki and the Snowflakes

August 9, 2008

Yuki and the Snowflakes

Have you heard of KISSUI : Yuki Nakano?

As a homage to her creative uniqueness, and to share the inspiration she has helped me aspire to continue my post-secondary studies within design, specifically interactions and media design at Simon Fraser University, I’ve constructed this illustration of a girl surrounded by snowflakes and flowers. I’ve been following her various bread crumb trail scattered across the interwebs for quite some time now, in fact, the discovery of her artwork and photography was inspirational.

Her presence and charismatic personality was obviously transferred to the bright hues and colors of her work, not to mention that also I’m experiencing a retro-university nostalgia since graduation a few months ago.


Yuki and the Snowflakes took approximately half a year to complete, inbetween studytime and note scribbles in lectures and waiting for the ex-boyfriend to finish his shift at our workplace, I’m still surprised by how many memories and anecdotes are contained within each line.

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