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July 6, 2008

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One of my difficult quirks with photography and film cameras is that each one (8!) loads the film differently. A few of the cameras needs batteries to operate and although I have a few that are electrical-unnecessary, there’s still the matter of winding the shutter clasp to the next frame or the camera operating it by itself.

girl in the mirror
Kodak Instamatic

Several cameras need the film to being fed along the teeth and then, this is the strange part, either winding around the little spool or INSIDE through the spool to be loading film inside out. Strange, isn’t it? There’s also a camera that loads the film on the opposite side and still! The stupid shutterbug will click happily to the next frame if the film is stuck and not advancing.



raspberry sampler

Kodak Instamatic

Toy cameras are a lot of fun to play with and take impulse colorful photos (or light leaks or lomography-version); although stupidstore did overkill on the colorful contrast with my supersampler photos recently :@ its okay, bebecaca; you weren’t working at that location anyways 😀

found: closet


I want polaroid film! Pretty please? :<3

The Camera’s Playlist

  1. Canonet 28 Rangefinder (Julia’s photo, my camera)
  2. Canon Powershot A520* (digital, me, 2007)
  3. Ricoh LX 22 (me, 2004)
  4. Kodak Instamatic 124
  5. Lomography Holga (Pinhole 135)
  6. Lomography (Dalek Hot Pink Edition) Super Sampler
  7. Super Shooter Polaroid
  8. Spirit 600 Polaroid

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