The Sun Also Rises

June 20, 2008

“You are all a lost generation.” – Gertrude Stein in conversation

Finished reading The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. Damn good story. The characters are filled with forgetful disillusionment and get drunk in offhand ways. The wild nightlife of Paris in the first half, the bull fights and drunk depressions and fiestas in Spain next; ocurring during the 1920′s: the post-World War I generation.

Scenery descriptions and conversations follow the same roundabout talking-of-nothing in the same style as Hills Like White Elephants. It was tedious and interesting to follow thoughts with no end, the little things in life disappear and the big things are so faraway we can’t see them. Its a good read about those of the lost generation.

“It was like certain dinners I remember from the war. There was much wine, an ignored tension, and a feeling of things coming that you could not prevent happening. Under the wine I lost the disgusted feeling and was happy. It seemed they were all such nice people.”
– Chapter 13

“I had the two bull-fight papers, and I took their wrappings off.  One was orange. The other yellow. They would both have the same news, so whichever I read first would spoil the other.”
– Chapter 1

It’s different from modern-style writers who give you everything in details about blunt and truth and angst of our generation. Worry and stress is what I find if I read the back pages of Gossip Girl. These people don’t care and are happy, in a not-pitiful or irresponsible but in a careless disillusion manner.

Had to read this last year in the fall. Oddball teacher but a good read now and then again if you don’t want to be terribly interested about the characters.

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