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Art Camp Vancouver

September 8, 2007

ArtCamp Vancouver is a hybrid conference/workshop/etc event in which participants come together to show work, demo artworks, projects, research or technology, learn new hands-on practices, and talk about ideas such as:


  • DIY projects that transform discarded materials in something beautiful, cool or useful
  • showing people how to cut and paste code to make quick and dirty websites or applications
  • strategies for revisioning experiences or environments
  • workshops for recycling photographs, cassettes, CDs or other technological or manufacturing detritusconceptual detournement
  • discussion or demonstration of interventionist practices relating to performance, psychogeography or street art
  • collaborative drawing events
  • experimentation with found materials
  • realtime mixing of cameraphone pictures, text messages, video, photostreams or something else
  • swaps, exchanges or tricked-out marketplace mods for circulating, disseminating or evolving objects, subjects or frameworks
  • presentation of cultural objects or artifacts that relate to reuse or recycling
  • discussion tracing the circulation and “reuse” of strategies or ideas
  • or grand schemes for social or environmental engagements

Found A Tion Poster (by Jeff_Werner)
photography by Jeff Werner

Gauged by the design frenzy love of the posters scattered across the Emily Carr campus, I was surprised to find that instead of sharing manual artistic techniques, kitsch ware or exhibitions of old-media that is so often associated with fine art students.

Instead to my surprise, it was replaced with a studious, mismatched group of individuals that suspiciously resembled a relaxed barcamp atmosphere: electronic media en res and avant programming discussions were being held in various presentations, free black coffee was amply available, and laptops were scattered across the landscape!

IMG_0355 (by tyfn)
photography by Phillip Jeffrey

The entire experience was a little intimidating to a non-artist like myself (I’ve only started utilizing my digital camera, and studying english, math and psychology in the meantime), so the only discussions I attended were the mobile muse discussions featuring geo-tagging and mobility in the near-future with communication devices, the gadgets and electronics recycling venture of free geek vancouver, and an interesting slideshow featuring self-made instruments exploring sounds broadcasted through waves and vibrations.

Afterwards I did a little hop and walk with a photography group experimenting with geo-tagging cache, audible sounds of the environment, and metup again with Phillip Jeffrey! One of the other new strangers I met was a friend’s design objects TA studying at SFU in the SIAT program too!




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