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BASCO5 & Make Art Pop

April 5, 2007

Basco5's + Mentos MakeArtPop

My friend Karen called me yesterday about an live art installation happening at Burrard Skytrain. Incidentally, it was also featuring one of my favourite street artists: Basco5 (Nils Blishen).

The project is funded by the Mentos candy-gum company and consists of the shiny wrapper-packets with the round white candy punched out or left in to create a massive 12×12 foot mural entitled animal love power (as shown in the background of this photo). I stopped by today after class to say hello, admire the artwork, share an enthralling discussion about street art, and went home with basco5-style stickers πŸ™‚ Thank you Nils!

note: It will be up until Friday.
note: apparently the entire mural consisted of 32,947 pieces of Mentos Gum

  • More photos here
  • Official Mentos Website
  • Basco5 Art
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