Notes Edition: Web Directions North Conference

March 19, 2007

Web Directions North 2007
(this happened last month, but the domain went offline and I forgot to post the entry. I won a free coach and lift-pass at Whistler for the weekend after the conference)

Driving through downtown Vancouver at 5-6am is a strange experience that I have never witnessed before. The crowded streets are empty, the sky is still dark but well past the middle of the night, there’s a feeling of solitude throughout the city, and the electrical lampposts have a tired, ghostly glow compared to their early evening cheerful twinkling.

I lurked at the hotel rendezvous until we boarded the mountain bus. Shared a conversation about geology with a new friend, Dennis, introduced to the crowd by John Allsopp, wandered around the village with new friends and enjoyed paid-by Microsoft free food at the after party.

This was a eye-opener experience for me, I’ve never really been in an environment with a mix set of people who all shared my similar interests in web design, developing, and the future of web apps. Hopefully I’ll have saved enough money to attend next year’s conference πŸ˜€

You can also view the entire trip in this photo set.

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