Art Fashion Reset Vancouver

Art & Sole #2

October 1, 2006


There are two things to conclude from this recent artshow expedition:

  • people go to artshows to admire art
  • people go to artshows to get drunk


Otherwise considering, I had a blast exploring through the shelves and light-directed lit-tables featuring PF Flyers sneakers adorned and richly decorated with many different mediums: intricate beads, stencils, felt-tip doodles, brush strokes, and other miscellaneous pieces that can only be considered “wearable art.”

ART&SOLE2 (by rocketcandy)

A lot of ideas started swimming in my brain during the event, involving dragging myself down to Dressew again and practice threading needles. Hopefully by this time around next year, Karenkun and I will have already established our own slowly-developing mini-design industry and artistic tendencies.



art and sole 2

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