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Ideas, Books & Design / No. 2018 /

Hello reader.

Eliza Sarobhasa will soon sit for the PMI-CAPM exam, with every expectation of passing. Her PMP is the product of three years (2014-2017) in the trenches of BCIT’s Project Management training/certification program. In 2018, she is focusing on Agile Techniques and the Scrum Framework in BCIT’s Agile Development program, and Pathway’s Learning Experience in Toastmasters.

Involved with photography since 2004 (32 cameras and counting!) and the local Vancouver software development/start ups/interaction design/social media/web standards/design conferences/twitter rambling industry since 2006. If you ask her nicely, she may ramble on incoherently about ELIZA (the computer program), computational linguistics, the good ol days of the history of the web, and lots lots LOTS of literary or film history cultural references.

You can find out more on what I’m doing now here.

Personal note: If you haven’t seen me around social media or in Vancouver lately, my Dad died a few weeks before Christmas in 2015, after being a handicapped stroke survivor for 11 years.

Thank you for your understanding.